Wednesday, February 18, 2009

May the Bock Be With You

Today, and regarding Bockfest, no one says it better than Mr. Ted Marti, owner and originator of America's Best Outdoor Winter Party. Bockfest.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pack Your Bags

This weekend I found myself in the Isles. Or should I say Bill and Kate Isles found their way into my heart. Singer songwriters from the shores of Duluth performed at our favorite venue here in New Ulm. Delivering stories and original music with a sweet candid sincerity that appealed to an appreciative crowd. As I sat there I thought they would be great on the porch some summer's eve. They do just that: house parties. Just in time for Valentine's Day and on the red high heels of New in Town, the Minne Sutra number was a hit! I'm watching you tube for this ice fishing lovefest fantasy. It doesn't take out of pocket to have an out of the ordinary Valentine's. Visit The Bohemian, help is here for out of the box date ideas in the budget of your dreams.

Monday, February 2, 2009

No Way, Yes Whey

Not tapioca, but Hoppel Poppel makes the news. WCCO visited my kitchen with a camera crew. Now I know this seems like a marketing coup, but I am a sensible woman from the Midwest. I know that I am perhaps the only potluck participant who doesn't live in CHAOS. That is flylady speak for 'can't have anybody over syndrome', and if THAT isn't a universal accent for all women, I don't know what is. But me, I have a bed and breakfast, having people over is what I do. So, when the day was done, New Ulm made big news, I got to fulfill a childhood dream of having my own cooking show, and the whole town had a blast.