Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Cook Like I Do.

For years I have said I am going to have a cooking show and call it 'Don't Cook Like I Do'. After several attempts of burning down the kitchen and a variety of interesting saves, I pretended tonight was episode one. My Mother gives me these saucy little magazines called everyday food ('great food fast from Martha Stewart'). I actually read them occasionally along with another one she brings over called Cookie which is about children. Both rags are sufficiently filled with enough hints and things I should have to make me feel entirely inadequate. So with the page torn out for Mediterranean Chicken Packets from an inspiring Tennessee reader named Joanna Douglas, I added the ingredients to my never ending grocery list. We are sleep deprived here. Darling Savannah, now banned from chocolate, was up until, well, we lost track at 4:30 am. I simply did not notice I had not picked up olives, or artichoke hearts (being Abby's favorite they were on the list twice) until I began cooking tonight's meal. It was then that I saw it was parchment paper that was called for not phyllo dough, which I had remembered to take out of the freezer. Now one thing that happens around here is Charlie likes to grill, and it is slick when he does a bunch of everything cause then I use that the rest of the week. So I put the torn chicken on several phyllo sheets I had brushed with olive oil, added garden tomatoes and feta cheese, the one ingredient originally called for beside the chicken. And, feeling particularly inspired by my own self, simply because I no longer cared, I threw some asparagus on top and sprinkled it with salt, pepper, and a wee bit more olive oil. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. These pockets even fit the Heart of New Ulm nutrition address at the ladies night out last week.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Al Franken Smile

Bumped into Minnesota's State Senator last night at a very well attended Women's Night Out Expo sponsored by Frandson Bank highlighting the Heart of New Ulm agenda. Just as I'm thinking, we've turned another corner, I did, and felt like I had, literally, run into an old friend. You know that feeling when you see a familiar face. "Hey, Hi!" oh, like that was Al Franken, oh, and he's chuckling. But really, Ramona and I had a great table sharing what the New Ulm Bed and Breakfasts have to offer, yes, *even* for locals. We are always driving our efforts to turn that corner. So, costume therapy works again, we were in our jammies cause we go the extra mile!