Monday, December 17, 2007

Pallets of Posterity

Schell's Brewery rolls out one millionth case! "Is that big when compared to some of the other breweries in the country? No, But it is big for us." says August Schell Brewery Company President and Brewmaster Ted Marti. Pressing out that millionth case from the production line was quite a milestone. Schell's reached the mark for the first time in 147 years, at noon on Wednesday. It's the first year they have hit a million, and they were pretty excited. Me too, a Schell's is the first thing I offer guests at The Bohemian, if simply in the spirit of perseverance! There have been tough times through out the brewery's history, and Ted attributes much of the business's survival to local support. So it was only fitting that there be a parade of sorts through New Ulm spreading that case of cheer at our local tavern's.
"PROSIT" to a saga that fittingly deserves the Press On Award of the Week! There is definitely a Schmaltz Alt here for someone to accept, but it might have to be me. I missed the festivities: I could only justify having the baby downtown, in a bar!, for so long, even if it was daylight.

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