Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fresco Found

Fresco technique seems to be what is lurking under all the white paint here at The Bohemian. Recovery has not yet started, but really, this is gonna be big! Scott, Ty and Elenor from the Minneapolis firm Scott's Faux Design Now if we find out it is Anton Gag's work that would really be something! It could happen. And really it could. Anton Gag completed interior decorative painting with his partner Chris Heller at the time this home was constructed (1899). The records are sparse and incomplete, but I know Wanda's first journaling efforts where on her Father's ledgers! Those journals are secured in Pennsylvania. To anyone's knowledge they haven't been reviewed for anything but Wanda interest. I'm on it. Heller & Gag: "These gentlemen have made themselves illustrious by their art and though they are not appreciated as they should be their work is none the less admired." The Journal 1902/08/27.

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