Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gypsy Campfires

For being somewhat of a German Hamlet in New Ulm, the Bohemian soul has had quite a presence of late. Maritza played at the Rhein River Arts Center recently. Forlorn tunes of lost love played opposite the jaunty hopefulness of such is life. For me it is the music to describe the oft asked question of "What is 'Bohemian'?". Those Hungarian nomadic travelers of the late 18th century making their way through the European countryside entertaining with music, dance and common thievery. Ending in the underground streets of Paris, when asked from where they came: Bohemia, the now non existent country was the last place they passed through. Thus a direct and unromantic answer coined one of the most enchanting descriptors of artists we have today. Ah to be Bohemian, and you can be here cause I've been playing Maritza's CD over breakfast for days.

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