Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This past weekend marked the 7 year anniversary of The Bohemian. 7 seasons ago the doors were opened and with not all the wall paper hung, the first reservations coincided with the 2002 graduating class of Martin Luther College. It was a joyous moment with these very first guests running up with warm hugs like family! Never have 'I' had such a welcome! Again this 2009 weekend proved exciting, filled with a hope and promise mirrored in the eyes of the emerging adults and their families. I can not then allow the tragic news on Monday of the two young MLC students who died in an automobile accident go unmentioned. It brought me great sadness to learn of Zachary Moyle and Ryan Zweifel. As my guests were celebrating their future calls, these young men were accepting the final one on their journey home. Faith astonishes me and nowhere is that more apparent than in the medical ethics story building in New Ulm right now. Today, grateful I am not to be tested, for I know not what I would do.

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