Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Even though birding and bed and breakfasts go hand in hand, this migration is about my blog. I will now be posting through my website www.the-bohemian.com. Heavens, the site is like owning a virtual B&B, meaning I am cleaning house from the front door to the back. I find the discovery exciting. There isn't an element of work to be done here that I don't enjoy, but I do find there is not enough time to do it all, so any help is appreciated, in real life I find relief, when busy, with the college students now back in town. In this new virtual 'job' of keeping the website in best form, just like the gardens and the house, I have Corey Ganser through Mind Touch to offer me the best support, virtual staff! Which kinda makes up for me losing my dear Olivia to her first year of college. Olivia Augustin had been with me for four years, with nary a compliant battling my mishaps. Here she is in Mexico with her acute interest in bathrooms, thanks to her fine work at The Bohemian! I will miss her!

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