Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bock Fest

Today it is bitter cold, yesterday howling wind. Perfect weather for the long anticipated celebrated festival to kiss winter goodbye on it's frosty behind! Bock Fest comes early this year, following the holy calender, the Saturday preceding ash Wednesday. My guess is we still have a cold hard winter ahead. Never the less, no elements can deter the hardy adventurers of the upper Midwest! This is a beer drinking fracas starting promptly at 11:00 am February 2 at the Schells Brewery. Be prepared for lines, all day, at the gate, the beer booths, fire pits and, you guessed it, the potties. But that is half the fun. There are 7000 revelers to enjoy the afternoon with: definitely a fun place to stand around in the freezing outdoors! The other fun half is our Bockfest Boys. One word: Ring of Fire. And by the close of day, that'll seem like one word. This party, that also hosts a legendary medallion hunt, (I know guys who have been hunting those 'bocks' for over twenty years) ends at 4:30. But then Fashing and the downtown lights up, in every way imaginable. Turner Halle and Georges Ballroom will have more contests and bands, but basically it is a matter of where you can, literally, fit in. This town is Packed! Quite a legacy for a couple of monks in the pre Renaissance Rhien , arguing over an old goat during a drinking contest. Truly the makings for one hardy ale. Those Germans. Who else could originate a party so notoriously traditional, your pals will carry your image on a stick if you can't make it in person?

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