Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Gig for the Grammys

In addition to guests I am fortunate enough to experience grade school and grammer. Subbing is a great gig! The other day I got to be the band teacher. I mean how cool. I had as much fun as I did when we played school as kids in the basement. So when I found myself in the real school basement teaching band, I was beside myself! There is nothing like seeing these eager children puffing up with probably not enough practice and misplaced air just go to-ot it! I was absolutely blown away with their unabashed determination and innocence. Puff hopes, puff dreams, puff the magic dragon, cheeks red and faces glowing just like the artists at this weeks Grammys! Those award shows make me cry, just like I did last week in band. The winners, and the musicians who back them all start in the basement. Rehab or not, look who walks home with a Grammy. Note worthy upcoming events this month in New Ulm: Brandon Sampson of Six Mile Grove with Sally Barris at the Rhein River Arts Friday Febuary 15 and Bob Wooton of Johnny Cash Fame at Turner Halle on the 23. Both within walking distance of The Bohemian.

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