Tuesday, March 4, 2008

'Murder History Tour'

For those foolish enough (or those who are not on April 1st) the New Ulm Bed and Breakfast Guild is offering a Murder Mystery Weekend April 18 &19. A weekend away or relief from tax time, join us in our enchanted village with a mystery story filled with intrigue and tales from the Schells Brewery. Highlighting New Ulm flavors, myths, a new beer (only available here!) and plenty of local characters. Oh! and murder! We will be having private tastings and tours all about town and your choice of winding down in one of our award winning B&B's. Come join us in New Ulm, where we are all 'partners in crime'! For details contact Auf Deustsche Strasse, Bingham Hall, Beyerhaus or The Bohemian...more clues to follow.


EmmyLou said...

I always thought these seemed fun!!!

Corey said...

Looks like a good time...and Schells beer makes it even better.