Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boiler Plate

Easter weekend here did not produce any bonnets, nor did I discover any boiled eggs, but rather no heat from the boiler generated radiators! Thank heavens for some inefficient forced air, the usual delightfully complying guests and a scary space heater: we all stayed warm. The last time I had problems with the boiler was two years ago resulting from a busted pump(over 50 years old). Based on the $750.00 set back to my checking account and the longevity of the first pump, I'm betting this might be just some value bleeding requirement. Now my heating and cooling guy is a savant in the way I have been called the same for my hospitality. Not only that, he is a HUMA healer so I trust him, but as I contemplate a new blog entitled Diary of a Foreclosure, holiday repair rates are not in my budget. So as I hedge, I turn to the Internet and look up radiator troubleshooting. Down in my vintage museum of mechanical what not I gauge everything to be in somewhat working order. In other words the gas is on, nothing is leaking and the pipes are hot. Now another secret about this house, Indian in the cupboard it isn't, every key is here for every lock! Including the magic valve radiator key. There it was, mysteriously dangling right next to the instruction box. Blissfully undiscovered for several hours. In the meantime I am calling my B&B compadraes who eagerly give me, free, tutorials. The sacred key broke on the first valve, I bled water instead of air and gave up until today. After's nifty diagram showed me all the parts (a new picture, but exactly like my ancient appliance!)I was ready to tackle the expansion tank. Days of cursing and desperation resulted in a beautiful "Jane" moment, not my first ever, but the first coined that term. (Thanks Paula) Unfortunately I still have no heat. Expert Warren is coming later this afternoon, but I am empowered.

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