Monday, April 7, 2008

Lights Out Art Work

Everything at The Bohemian is a 'happening'. Like Warren repairing the radiators to get me through spring, only here could a major mechanical problem be spiritually healed in order for me to budget for it's physical repair in the fall! Well, the same goes for the delightful new touches of whimsy and talent added to a couple suites in the carriage house! It was a Craig's list happening! I inquired into a gentleman artist wishing to build his portfolio, so with New Ulm roots he was serendipitously on his way. Andy even looks suspiciously like Anton Gag, who in addition to being Wanda Gag's father was New Ulm's foremost decorative house painter briefly at the end of the 18 hundred's. Maybe with this new interior artwork, some of the old stenciling will now surface...It wouldn't surprise me.

1 comment:

bobbie said...

Hello. I found you.
Looks to me like a beautiful house you have there. And a beautiful baby. I take it you don't blog too often. I'll look forward to reading more.