Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cry of the Lakemaid

Or maybe it is just my tears! The Bohemian missed the boat, and when you are spotting for Lakemaids, this my friends, is a baaad thing! So when the summer soltise, the perfect window for spotting these fine aloof freshwater creatures, came and went with nary a bottle besides regular Schells in the house, well, you can imagine my dissappointment at missing a potenial party! So mark your calenders for the 2009 soltise...and keep your eyes peeled, we'll see if the guest this weekend will download his encounter with the National Lakemaid Reporting Center!


Corey Ganser said...

Awesome...I never knew about this beer. I was I was there to get some beer from the lakemaids :(

Bobbi said...

my blog was selected best blog of the week on and if it weren't for Matt, lakemaid spotting would have come and gone with not even a heads up for next year. whew, at least we have that!!

Corey Ganser said...

That is awesome! Congrats on being picked.