Thursday, July 24, 2008

Savvy Birthday

Last year on this date I was still manuevering my girth around tables. Thank goodness I am tall, as the unborn and I were still able to clear the chairs. Just like everyone else, I fret, and wondered what I would do with 'an infant' here at the B & B. It has been a piece of cake, in no small part to all of you, and I now look with magnificant wonder at this beautiful child who miraclously belongs, right where she is. Just like all of us. Savvy Grace indeed: how one smile, small kindness or act of comfort can bring peace to our restless souls. Happy Birthday to all who have been part of The Bohemian this year.


Corey Ganser said...

Extend my birthday wishes to her. Those are some cute pics.

Bobbi said...

Taken by Uncle Jim!