Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Full Meal Deal

This past weekend was like a smorgasbord for me, I didn't even eat with the guests and I am stuffed! Lasagna gardening?!? which doesn't have anything to do with being Italian, but it certainly added to the fun that someone in the party used to have a pizza joint. Since half of what I do here is all about food, this layer technique for the garden sounds right up my alley. I've got the first draft of landscaping plans, from A to Zinnia, and I am going to embed this carefree breezy style into the earth around here. Where else can the enchanted garden I am envisioning spring from? A lot of ideas served up here over the weekend,including dessert, on the menu?: Cakes by Barb, we even plated a side of sitcom: a slice of life from a guest job: "The Regulator", hey, we figure it could air along side 'World Championship Poker' (and it ties nicely to all the sugar running, cat house piano player antics my Great Grandpa Bockus was involved in when he ran the New Ulm Grocery Company, which is still around, as is The Still, pushed in the Cottonwood River by the old prohibition regulator.) Real History Reality TV, right here in New Ulm. Good Morning America, History Detectives all just in August, all for your viewing, but why aren't YOU here?

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