Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And sometimes, a million miles away is right here. Enjoying the Twin Cities Hot Club was so much a hoot, I didn't need to be anywhere else. This is often the case with events at the Rhein River Arts Center and Saturday night in New Ulm was no exception. The overflowing audience braved the cold, and the Band battled a bug of their own, missing a member, which opened the door to the delightful Simone Perrin. Her performance was a breath of pixie dust of the likes I've never heard. Not a crack or scratch to her voice but I felt like I had put on an old 78 record. Not for the vintage, but because she evoked a sound similar to that when music really mattered. Simone's far too few collaborations on Saturday left me with a contemporary sound I wanted more of and wasn't going to find readily on any ipod whimsy shuffle. I felt a wee bit guilty for bringing little baby Savy, who loves to dance. I just hadn't realized that now she is capable of singing along and seems to be smart enough at 19 months to know the real action takes place on stage. I vowed to leave her at The Bohemian from now on, but am reminded Miss Perrin did not aquire any of her musical talent and enchanting stage presense by being sent home!

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Cat said...

I have yet to make it to a show at the Rhein! Hopefully soon! I went and checked out Simone's and TCHC's pages, and Simone's YouTube. Thanks for linking!